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Easy To Install Graphic LCD For High-End Level Controls

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Helps improve customer experience in the use of level and flow for measuring and control technology in industries

An intelligent flow technology system providing accurate, reliable and safe operation is the EA DOGM128L-6 series display by Magnetrol International. 

“As the number and complexity of level measurement technologies grow, the ease of operation of our products depends on the user interface,” says Kevin Haynes, Senior Project Engineer at Magnetrol International. “Incorporation of a graphic display allows for improved customer experience in the set-up and use of Magnetrol level and flow controls. Because first impressions are so important, it was an easy decision to transition to a graphic user interface.”

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Some of its benefits are: 

  • More information can be presented on a single screen
  • The use of larger characters improves viewing distance
  • In combination with four key switches, user navigation of the menu structure is simple and intuitive  
  • Instruction details are available at the unit 
  • Diagnostic details are available to speed installation and troubleshooting 
  • Signal waveforms can be presented and analysed
  • Provides a quality look and feel   

Key challenges faced to make use of a graphic display a reality were: 

  • Limited power requirements for the display   
  • Perfect display size – small enough to fit a housing but large enough for good readability
  • Excellent optical performance 
  • Sufficient operating temperature range to meet industrial control applications
  • Fewer connector contacts from serial communication to the display
  • Customised terminal leads

“The DISPLAY VISIONS EA DOGM128L-6 series display offered an ideal fit for these needs. In our search, we found a simulator for windows. The simulator helped sell the concept early in our design efforts and aided in our product selection. Later, we made use of demo boards, obtained through distributors Mouser and Digi-Key, to investigate the capability of the display. The demo boards also allowed us to begin firmware design early in the project—a great benefit. DISPLAY VISIONS provided great support for character set creation and display simulation. This helped us get a quick start in this design effort. As the project progressed, we investigated many custom features for this graphic display directly with DISPLAY VISIONS Field Application Engineers, such as extended temperature range operation and the use of longer terminal leads,” said Kevin Haynes.

He further adds, “The graphic display allowed us to improve the customer experience in the set-up and use of level and flow controls and continues to set excellence in the level control field.”  

Target markets:

  • Measuring and control technology
  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industry

Worldwide sales and distribution network is via Display Visions webshop.


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