Monday, July 15, 2024

High-Accuracy Op Amp For Energy-Efficient Power Conversion

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It is ideal for automotive smart mobility, solar panel, telecom infrastructure and computer server applications

Bringing high-speed signal conditioning and accurate current measurement in power-conversion circuits and optical sensors is the TSV7722, a precision high-bandwidth operational amplifier with a gain-bandwidth of 22MHz and slew rate of 11V/μs.

A maximum input-offset voltage of 200µV (typical 50µV at 25 degrees Celsius) and extremely low input-voltage noise density of 7nV/√Hz permit accurate low-side current measurements. Also, the typical input bias current of 2pA enables accurate photodiode-current measurement in optical-sensing applications such as smoke detectors. Unity-gain stable and fully specified on a load of 47pF, the TSV7722 can be used as an input buffer for analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs).

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With an operating voltage range of 1.8V-5.5V, the TSV7722 can power from the same supply as low-voltage CMOS components, such as a microcontroller or from a deeply discharged battery. Moreover, the opamp’s precision parameters and stability over temperature further simplify circuit design by ensuring outstanding accuracy without precision resistors or trimming after assembly.

By providing accurate and responsive current measurements for power-conversion systems, the TSV7722 enhances energy efficiency in applications such as automotive smart mobility, solar panels, telecom infrastructure and computer servers.

The TSV7722 is available from STMicroelectronics and in production now in MiniSO8 and DFN8 packages. Automotive-qualified devices will be available in the second half of 2021.


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