Monday, July 15, 2024

High Capacity BackHaul Radio For Edge Access Solution

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Cambium Networks has introduced cnWave V3000, a Backhaul Radio that operates from 57 to 66 GHz enabling high-speed connectivity.

Data security and accessibility are one of the most discussed topics when it comes to wireless connectivity. Both having their own set of pros and cons walk hand-in-hand. Though when it comes to setting up a commercial or an industrial infrastructure, the tables turn to the wired connection just to meet some more fractions of speed.

A BackHaul may include wired and wireless components. Wireless BackHaul is the use of communication systems to transport data between the internet and the subnetworks. This helps an organisation eliminate the need for physical cabling.

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cnWave V3000 BackHaul Radio by Cambuium Networks. | Credit : Cambuium Networks

Cambium Networks has introduced cnWave V3000, a backhaul radio that operates from 57 to 66 GHz. This provides easy, fast, and cost-effective wireless gigabit connectivity for edge access and/or high-capacity backhaul for edge access solutions at a significantly lower TCO than fiber infrastructure. It supports a data rate of up to 3.6 Gbps with 1.8 Gbps uplink and 1.8 Gbps downlink. The client nodes can support up to 7.6 Gbps with channel bonding for both point-to-multipoint (P2MP) and point-to-point (PTP) configurations.

The cnWave V3000 supports TDMA/TDD channel access and BPSK/16-QAM modulation & coding schemes. It features an antenna with a gain of 40.5/44.5 dBi with auto-beamforming. This radio has an EIRP of up to 60.5 dBm and a latency of less than 1 ms. The system works along with Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro management system, which is a cloud-based or on-premise software platform for secure, end-to-end network control. cnMaestro wireless network manager allows to view and perform a full suite of wireless network management functions in real-time.

  • Type : Point-to-Multi-Point, Point-to-Point
  • Frequency : 57 to 66 GHz
  • Channel Size : 2.16 GHz, 4.32 GHz
  • Frequency Band : V Band
  • Latency : 1 ms
  • Antenna Gain : 40.5 or 44.5 dBi
  • Antenna Beam Width : 0.8 Degree
  • Security/Encryption : 128-bit AES
  • Power Consumption : 60 W with AUX PoE Out in use, 30 W without AUX PoE Out in use
  • Dimensions : V3000 with 44.5dBi dish: 421 x 347 x 349 mm, V3000 with 40.5dBi dish: 343 x 198 x 251 mm


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