Tuesday, June 18, 2024

High Frequency Ultrasonic Transceivers With IP68 Rating

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CUI Devices has added a new ultrasonic transceiver to its ultrasonic sensors product line. The new transceivers feature IP67 – IP68 ratings and have a higher frequency range of up to 400kHz. The ultrasonic transceivers models offer a wide beam angle from 7 up to 80 degrees and have a suitable working distance range from 0.03 up to 15 meters, and operating temperature ranges from -40 up to 85°C. The product is suitable for use in applications such as distance measurement, object detection, proximity sensing, etc.

A transceiver is a component that is capable of both transmitting the signal as well as receiving the signal, transceivers can simplify the design along with helping in reducing the cost and size of the product. The new features an ingress protection ratings of IP67 or IP68 and high-frequency ratings up to 400 kHz. The company claims that these ultrasonic transceivers boast industry-best lead times and are ideal for applications subject to moisture and environmental contaminants.

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The transceivers are housed in a compact aluminium casing making them durable for outdoor applications. These ultrasonic transceivers also offer through-hole wire leads, and wire leads with connector mounting styles. With combined transmit and receive functions in a single package, engineers can benefit from a simplified ultrasonic sensor solution for distance measurement, object detection, and proximity sensing.

The ultrasonic transceiver also offers an expanded distance rating from 0.03m to 15 meters and a beam angle from 7 up to 80 degrees along with a wide operating temperature range from -40 up to 85°C making it suitable for wide operations in different operating environments.


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