Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Real-Time Industrial 3D Camera Equipped With High Intelligence

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Enables a fast and accurate projection to create compact standard solutions with the help of machine learning and AI

Based on the latest generation of lasers and algorithms, this real-time industrial 3D camera by Orbbec provides exceptional 3D precision and accuracy.

It can acquire a highly accurate image with full-colour texture at a working distance. This camera also offers improved picture precision with a focus on real-time 3D vision processing and endurance in harsh environmental environments.

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Orbbec’s light technology enables a fast and accurate projection of the coded structured light. The company engineers’ expertise in machine learning, AI, depth algorithms and smart computer vision helps to create compact standard solutions with technically mature functions for industrial applications.

“Innovations in 3D imaging, combined with broader advances like 5G, artificial intelligence and ultra-fast processors, are transforming the application landscape for designers and engineers,” said David Chen, co-founder and director of engineering, at Orbbec. “Our new camera with time-of-flight (TOF) technology is a great example. Its high resolution and tracking capabilities make it perfect for all kinds of products including fall detection, security, even at-home yoga and exercise products.”


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