Thursday, May 23, 2024

Powerful AIN Chip Resistors

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TT Electronics launched chip resistors that combine high power and high precision in a single resistor and are built using aluminium nitride (AIN) ceramic substrate

(Credit: TT Electronics)

TFHP series has a new addition of a thin film chip which is essential to meet demanding thermal management targets. The attributes of using this chip are, that the area of the printed circuit board is reduced due to its high power density component and it can boost reliability by restricting the temperature rise in the component hotspot. TFHP series thin film high power chip resistors are improved for precision power supply, power amplifier, and process control applications, which all benefit from the optimized heat transfer from element to terminals of this specialist design.

“Aluminium nitride based TFHP with the precision of thin film technology is a strategic addition to TT’s growing portfolio of power chip resistors,” said Nick Atkinson, Senior Product Line Manager, TT Electronics. “The unique value these resistors provide gives designers the opportunity to reduce component size, minimise temperature rise, and increase the reliability of their high-power analogue circuit designs.”

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The new TFHP series provides power of 2W in 1206 and 6W in 2512 chip sizes. TFHP also features large area terminations for improved thermal contact with a PCB. These high-power resistors also offer greater precision than thick film alternatives, delivering 0.1% tolerance, 25ppm/°C TCR combined with reduced self-heating to improve linearity


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