Tuesday, June 18, 2024

High-Reliability TVS Diodes For Aerospace Applications

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Compact SMD TVS diodes deliver aircraft electrical protection against lightning strikes and other transient surges

Littelfuse, Inc. has announced the release of the 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series. The high-reliability TVS diodes can provide robust overvoltage protection, with low early failures and zero degradation over continuous surge events. The TVS diodes meet the DO-160 lightning protection regulatory requirement and offer a very low clamping voltage making it suitable for a wide range of aircraft-related applications which includes aircraft power trains and aircraft subsystems. The 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series can also be used in harsh environments in applications such as AC or DC power line protection, low-frequency data lines, Industrial automation, etc.

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According to the company, the high-reliability 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS diodes are manufactured using a stringent process for up-screening electronic components that provides higher robustness. The TVS diodes offer a 60% higher surge handling capability and deliver a higher power rating than other high-reliability TVS diode series. These diodes come in a compact SMC package, offering higher-power density, thus allowing engineers to make more space-saving PCB designs.

Modern aircraft are constructed using lightweight composite materials. Therefore, newer aircraft require higher-level of lightning protection for all onboard electrical and electronic equipment. The 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA is a highly reliable TVS diode series developed for aircraft subsystems. This diode protects sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events. The diodes are available in a 5000W surface-mount DO-214AB package with a high-power density of up to 5 kW. The protection diodes are suitable for applications in aerospace, avionics, and aircraft subsystems in applications such as cockpit displays, fight control, radar, etc.

“The 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series enhanced power rating (up to 5 KW) while in the same compact surface-mount package (as prior solutions) provide increased electronics protection performance and greater design flexibility,” said Charlie Cai, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Littelfuse. “These up-screened TVS diodes help aerospace electronics designers meet demanding high-grade regulatory requirements without needing to increase the size of their printed circuit boards.”

Features of 5.0SMDJxxS-HRA TVS Diode Series:
Delivers a higher power rating than other high-reliability TVS diode series, resulting in a 66% increase in surge handling capability.
• Utilizes high-reliability design and up-screening process for avionics and other demanding applications.
• The very small JEDEC DO-214AB (SMC) package, coupled with a high-power density (5 KW), provides PC board designers with a space-saving alternative to currently available options.
• Meets DO-160 lightning protection regulatory requirements.
• Provides a very low clamping voltage and unlimited surge life.


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