Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Security and Flexibility For Region-Specific Electronic ID Cards

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  • Infineon’s Java-based solution for integration of contactless digital ID documents helps in the design and production of specific ID documents in card format
  • The contactless data transfer meets the necessary security requirements with an in-built security chip

With SECORA ID, Infineon Technologies offers an easy-to-integrate security platform for contactless digital ID documents. The first product variant, the SECORA ID S, is a flexible, Java-based solution. It simplifies and accelerates the design and production of region-specific sovereign documents such as eIDs in card format. The solution includes the security chip, the operating system and applets while meeting the increased security requirements of sovereign applications: chip and operating system are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 6+.

As a system solution, SECORA ID S offers benefits such as:

  • The security chip SLC52G provides highest protection of the individual data of the card holder and a storage capacity of up to 800 kByte.
  • The chip was offers outstanding performance for contactless data transfer.
  • The Java Card Standard v3.0.5 software facilitates and accelerates development and testing of electronic ID cards.
  • Customized applets allow personalisation of the documents.
  • With the help of Infineon’s Coil-on-Module chip package technology, cards have become more robust and their production more cost-efficient. The chip is glued and no longer soldered to the card hence eliminating vulnerable soldering points. The cards are valid for a relatively long time and in daily use become significantly more durable. Additionally, smaller card manufacturers can use existing production facilities for contact-based cards without major investments.

SECORA ID S with the Infineon eMRTD applet (CC EAL5+) especially for machine-readable travel documents is available now. Further applets from the Infineon Applet Collection and from Masktech GmbH will follow in the second half of the year.


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