Sunday, April 21, 2024

Increased Operating Temperature Range For e-paper Displays

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  • Pervasive Display’s blue, white and red e-paper displays now have a greater lower operating temperature range
  • This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Pervasive Displays (PDi), a provider of e-paper displays, has announced a new improvement for its Spectra e-paper displays (EPDs) relating to operating temperature range.

The Spectra range comprises 12 EPD modules with size options from 3.91 cm to 30.9 cm (1.54 to 12.2 inches). These small, low power, active matrix EPDs can now operate from 0 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius (earlier lower range being 10 degrees Celsius) making them suitable for most indoor and many outdoor operating conditions.

EPDs are bistable, that is, they require no power to display an image and thus use very little power to update the screen. The one time programmable (OTP) feature of each EPD module operates alongside the internal timing controller (iTC) to store an image waveform inside the display driver. As there is no requirement for the host processor to load an image at start up, the time to display first image is reduced, improving the user experience.

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“We’ve increased the lower end of the operating range of our Spectra EPDs down to 0 degrees Celsius from 10 degrees Celsius. As the uppermost temperature is +40 degrees Celsius, these low power screens are now a great option for a variety of applications where reliability is paramount such as in cold chain, healthcare and warehouse setting,” said Alchin Wang, General Manager, Pervasive Displays. “And, as these EPDs all benefit from iTCs, we can offer customers a product which is smaller and lighter, saving them space on the PCB and reducing the bill of materials.”


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