Thursday, April 25, 2024

iNEMO Sensors That Deliver Machine-Learning Core Capabilities

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  • Built for consumer and industrial applications from augmented reality to fleet management
  • Enables longer battery runtime, lower maintenance and reduced size and weight in motion-sensing devices

The motion-detection machine-learning core (MLC) technologies developed by STMicroelectronics are now ready to enter into industrial and high-end consumer applications such as augmented/virtual reality, drone flight controls, dead-reckoning navigation systems, disk-antenna positioning systems, fleet management, container-tracking devices and dynamic inclinometers for industrial vehicles

The latest ISM330DHCX and LSM6DSRX 6-axis iNEMO™ inertial measurement units (IMUs) achieve AI level functionality by pre-processing motion data using about 0.001 times the power a typical microcontroller (MCU) would consume to complete the same task. As a result, IMUs featuring this IP can offload the host MCU, thus enabling longer battery runtime, lower maintenance, and reduced size and weight in motion-sensing devices.

Equipped with wide temperature operability

The consumer-grade LSM6DSRX contains a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope with an extended full-scale angular-rate range up to ±4000dps and leading-edge performance in temperature and time.

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The industrial-grade ISM330DHCX comes with 10-year product-longevity assurance and is specified from -40 degrees Celsius to 105 degrees Celsius, with embedded temperature compensation for superior stability.

In each device, the MLC interacts with integrated finite-state machine (FSM) logic, which can run simple iterative algorithms like counting steps, hits, or rotations at lower power than is possible in a microcontroller. The FSM signals to the main controller after detecting a preset number of events or after a defined time has elapsed.

Both devices, the ISM330DHCX and the LSM6DSRX  are in production and available now.


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