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INKxperience Kit Will Speed Up Ideation, Prototyping and Evaluation of Your IoT Project

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INKxperience Kit is a sensor experience kit for IoT engineers which can simplify the development and evaluation of sensors for IoT applications.

Henkel INKxperience kit is a novel sensor experience kit tailor-made for IOT engineering across industries. The novel Henkel Qhesive solutions sensor INKxperience kit offers four different printed electronics technologies that are pre-configured with hardware and software for prototyping and engineering ideation. The kit has been designed for professional engineers and enables them to quickly and efficiently explore and experiment with the technology of printed electronics for the development of IOT sensor solutions. The INKxperience kit contains four different technologies including a leak detection sensor, a non-contact liquid level sensor, a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater and a single as well as multi-zone force sensitive resistor (FSR) sensor which is all reusable multiple times. The printed technologies are pre-configured with hardware and software for immediate and continuous data read-out and offer an easy set-up for the ideation of new ideas and proof concepts during prototyping and the engineering process of next-generation IOT sensors.

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A sensor experience kit is a product sample kit that contains a range of sensors and related components designed to give users an introduction and experience of different sensor types and their applications. These kits are typically provided by sensor manufacturers or distributors to showcase their products and demonstrate their capabilities to potential customers. The goal of a sensor experience kit is to allow customers to test and evaluate different sensors and learn how they can be used in different applications. By providing a hands-on experience with sensors, users can gain a better understanding of their capabilities, limitations, and potential use cases, which can help them make informed decisions when selecting sensors for their projects or products.

“Our Sensor INKxperience Kit is a response to the ongoing digital transformation which drives the implementation of IOT solution cross industries,” explained Melanie Wendrikat, Market Strategy Manager Printed Electronics at Henkel. “We see a growing demand for sensor integration into surface structures and the printed electronics technology offers a unique form factor and increased flexibility in design of these smart surfaces, retrofitted or integrated. The Sensor INKxperience Kit combines different printed sensor technologies with hardware and software and provides engineers a pre-configured, out of the box solution for ideation, technology testing and initial prototyping. Thus, it provides all components needed to directly start experiencing the sensors.”

The integration of printed sensor technology with the sensor kit opens up doors for various applications. The amalgamation of hardware and software in the kit simplifies the job of an IoT engineer and will speed up the development of the project. The technology will positively impact a variety of industrial end-application markets, ranging from building construction and building information management and modelling to logistics, transportation, smart home appliances and furniture.

Henkel is a manufacturer and supplier of printed electronics materials and services. The company also manufactures adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings – for industrial applications as well as for consumers and craftsmen.


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