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Inline AOI System With Low False Calls

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Mek iSpector inspection system is a low-cost AOI system targeting low-volume high-mix production facilities.

The inline AOI system can detect various types of defects, and improves the quality of soldering.

Marantz Electronics has released a new generation of Mek iSpector inline Automatic Optical Inspection (AoI) system. The new AoI system is an entry-level system, specifically designed for customers with low volume, high mix production, requiring cost-effective AOI solutions. The AOI system uses cameras and specialized image processing algorithms to automatically examine the visual appearance of objects or components. It can detect various types of defects, including missing components, incorrect component placement, misalignment, soldering defects, scratches, and surface contamination. The system is equipped with Mek Colour Histogram analysis, which provides accurate and reliable inspection results with low false calls.

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AOI systems offer several advantages over manual inspection processes. They are faster, more accurate, and less prone to human error. Additionally, they can operate continuously, enabling high-speed inspection for large volumes of products. AOI systems contribute to improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs, and enhancing overall productivity in industrial settings.

According to the company, the iSpector system utilizes DOAL, main and side LED light sources from three different angles, creating a meniscus profiling light pattern that allows for the inspection of component bodies and solder joints. The Mek iSpector system can easily be assembled and installed and be made ready for use. The company claims that the solution offers fast programming times and reliable results with low false fails, and the advantage of the company’s extensive custom libraries making the system cheaper to operate and more reliable. Furthermore, the iSpector series is fully compatible with Mek’s Catch System, which offers full traceability and industry 4.0 readiness. Catch comprises modules such as Database CS Center, CS Repair, CS Analyser, and CS Watch, and it is fully scalable from single AOI stations to multiple machines.

“We are excited to introduce the iSpector system to our customers,” said Henk Biemans, Managing Director for Mek. “We understand the importance of providing high-quality AOI solutions that are affordable and easy to use, and the iSpector is the perfect solution for customers with low volume, high mix production. With its powerful features and compatibility with Mek’s Catch System, we are confident that our customers will be able to take their production processes to the next level.”


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