Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Innovative Logic Analyzer For Embedded Interfaces

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The device comes with many features that address design verification, validation and testing challenges faced by engineers

Due to the advancements in IoT, healthcare, consumer electronics and industrial automation, growth can be seen in modern embedded designs. These embedded designs are complex with more software content, edge computing and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

The biggest challenge faced today by embedded design teams is in the integration of the hardware and software i.e system-level insights for the proper working of the product. There is a need to simultaneously monitor embedded interfaces I2C, SPI and UART to view the system-level operation. Today, designers are sequentially using multiple test equipment to meet their design challenges needs, which has led to longer design validation, verification and testing cycles, resulting in a long time for the products to reach the market.

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Now PGY-LA-EMBD, an innovative Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces can help address the above design verification, validation and testing challenges. The device provides a 1GS/s timing analysis and is a 100MHz State Analysis capable 10 Channel Logic Analyzer with simultaneous I2CSPI and UART protocol analysis capability.

Key Features 

  • 1GS/s Timing Analysis-enables Glitch analysis of a 2ns glitch.
  • 100MHz State Analysis
  • 10 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • Simultaneous I2C, SPI and UART protocol decode capability.
  • Powerful trigger capabilities enable capturing data at specific events
  • Smart Continuous streaming of data enables long-duration capture and analysis.

The PGY-LA-EMBD Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces is now available from Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd. and associated distributors.



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