Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Innovative New Electrostatic Voltage Sensor By Advanced Energy

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  • Provides highly accurate electrostatic measurement for semiconductor and industrial manufacturing
  • Suitable for electronics manufacturing to prevent any significant damage

Advanced Energy has announced the release of the new Trek Model 875 Electrostatic Voltage Sensor.

Unlike other electrostatic voltage sensors, the Model 875 can perform electrostatic monitoring without touching the product being measured and is insensitive to distance (within the specified range). These unique capabilities enable Model 875 to monitor electrostatic charge in a continuously moving process, for the manufacturing of many products including semiconductor devices, flat panel displays, textiles, packaging, electrophotography, pharmaceuticals and electronics. In processes, electrostatic charge buildup can disrupt the production process or cause significant damage to the product being manufactured.

Provides real-time monitoring

“Electrostatic charge is difficult to measure and Advanced Energy has perfected the process with the Trek Model 875, which builds on our existing market leadership of ‘field nulling’ electrostatic voltmeters,” said Elisabeth Pederson, general manager, Advanced Energy’s Trek product group. “Customers that manufacture products in a moving production process will use various techniques to mitigate the buildup of harmful electrostatic charge. The Model 875 continuously measures the process, providing real-time monitoring of charge build-up. This allows the manufacturer to take swift action to significantly reduce the risk of field failure and process issues.”

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Model 875 comes in an industry-standard 35mm width DIN rail enclosure, which makes it easy to integrate with any manufacturing line. Further, Advanced Energy’s renowned probe design automatically helps to alleviate particle contamination on the sensor through the continuous motion of its chopper-stabilized operation enabling it to maintain high accuracy and speed.

Model 875 has a measurement range of +-500VDC or Peak AC, speed of response of < 25mS and an accuracy of +/- 0.5 per cent of full-scale.


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