Tuesday, April 23, 2024

New Integrated Solutions For Industrial Motor Drives

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The highly efficient and rugged transfer-moulded modules simplify compact motor drive design for applications including fans and pumps

Introducing the new, integrated, converter-inverter-power factor correction (PFC) modules NXH50M65L4C2SG and NXH50M65L4C2ESG that are suitable for use in industrial motor drives, servo drives and HVAC where they are used to drive motors for applications including fans and pumps.

The NXH50M65L4C2SG and NXH50M65L4C2ESG are transfer-moulded power integrated modules (TMPIM) based upon standard aluminium oxide (AI2O3) substrate and enhanced low thermal resistance substrate respectively. Ideally suited to rugged industrial applications with high output power, the modules contain a converter−inverter−PFC circuit, which consists of a single-phase converter with four 75 A, 1600 V rectifiers. The 3-phase inverter uses six 50 A, 600 V IGBTs with inverse diodes.

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The dual−channel interleaved PFC comprises two 75 A, 650 V PFC IGBTs with inverse diodes and two 50 A, 650 V PFC diodes. An embedded NTC thermistor allows device temperature monitoring during operation.

As the module is pre-assembled in an optimised layout and configuration, parasitic elements are very small when compared with discrete PCB-based designs, thereby allowing a wide PFC switching frequency range between 18 kHz and 65 kHz. The highly efficient NXH50M65L4C2SG and NXH50M65L4C2ESG are rated at 50 A for use in applications up to 8 kW.

Available in a compact transfer-moulded DIP-26 package, the modules measure just 73 mm x 47 mm x 8 mm – a 20 per cent area savings over current solutions, enabling higher levels of power density. The sealed and robust package includes an integrated heatsink (with 6 mm clearance to pins) and offers high levels of corrosion resistance. A silicon carbide (SiC) option is also available for further increased switching frequency and efficiency.

The new NXH50M65L4C2SG and NXH50M65L4C2ESG work alongside the FAN9672 PFC controller and gate driver solutions including devices in the new NCD5700x family. The recently introduced NCD57252 dual channel isolated IGBT/MOSFET gate driver offers 5 kV of galvanic isolation and can be configured for dual low-side, dual high-side or half-bridge operation. The NCD57252 is housed in a small SOIC-16 wide-body package and accepts logic level inputs (3.3 V, 5 V & 15 V). The high current device (source 4.0 A / sink 6.0 A at Miller plateau voltage) is suitable for high-speed operation as typical propagation delays are 60 ns.

Driving motors in the most efficient way is key to simplifying installation, lowering heat build-up, enhancing reliability as well as reducing system costs. The ON Semiconductor TM-PIM devices standardise the pinout with minimised parasitic to give designers a high performance ‘plug and play’ solution. Coupling the NXH50M65L4C2SG and NXH50M65L4C2ESG with FAN9672 and NCD57252 provides a rapid design path to sophisticated and efficient motor control solutions.


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