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Integrated synchronous rectifier power ICs

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The GaNSense Control family is a power IC that offers high power density with high-frequency control functionality.

It is suitable for designing compact fast chargers for smartphones, laptops, tablets and other low-powered appliances.

The GaNSense Control family from Navitas is an integrated synchronous rectifier power IC that combines next-gen gallium nitride (GaN) power with high-frequency control functionality. GaNSense Control offers the benefits of the monolithically-integrated GaN power FET and GaN drive, plus control and protection circuits in a single surface-mount package, for high-density charger, adapter and auxiliary power applications. The IC works at a high frequency of 225 KHz which results in a compact system size and weight. Integrated features such as loss-less current sensing, high-voltage start-up, and elimination of VDD inductor reduce component count and increase system efficiency. The GaNSense control offers a transient voltage breakdown of up to 800 V and no PCB hotspots. The GaN based coltrol IC is suitable for use in applications such as mobile fast charger, home appliances, data center auxiliary, industrial auxiliary, etc.

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“Strategically adding high-speed, analog and mixed-signal silicon controller technology to our existing GaN, SiC and digital-isolator technology platforms creates a design foundation for optimized power systems , adding over $1B/year to the addressable market opportunity,” said Navitas COO/CTO and co-founder Dan Kinzer. “We’re starting with GaNSense Control for fast-chargers and consumer appliances, as well as auxiliary supplies in servers and data centers. In the future, we can expand the portfolio to address higher-power applications in renewable energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Navitas is uniquely positioned to influence customer architecture decisions with our advanced system design centers in those markets. Through those, we are able to maximize the system benefits and Navitas’ value whether using GaN or SiC in next-generation power electronics.”

The company claims that the GaNSense Control features high-frequency quasi-resonant (HFQR) flybacks supporting QR, DCM, CCM and multiple-frequency, hybrid-mode operations, with frequencies up to 225 kHz. Moreover, it offers integrated features such as loss-less current sensing, HV start-up, frequency-hopping, low standby power, and wide VDD input voltage deliver small, efficient, cool-running systems with fewer components and no RSENSE hot-spot. An array of integrated protection features including 800 V transient voltage, 2 kV ESD, over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection create a robust power IC and reliable power systems.

Navitas is a power electronics company that designs and manufactures GaN based solutions such as power ICs. According to the company, their GaNSense Control is suitable for 20 – 150 W applications such as the smartphone, tablet and laptop chargers, consumer and home appliances, point-of-sale, and auxiliary supplies in high-power data center power and 400 V EV systems.


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