Monday, June 17, 2024

IP67 Rated Ultra-Compact Tactile Switch

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TS19 series has released the industry’s smallest tactile switch that comes with a lifecycle rating of up to 300,000 cycles.

TS19 series (Source: CUI Devices)

The TS19 series from CUI devices is the industry’s smallest tactile switch. The switch is housed in a compact 3 x 2 x 0.6 mm package, the TS19 series features an IP67 rating which makes it suitable for use in locations with high humidity and environmental contaminants. Moreover, the tactile switches are highly reliable and come with a lifecycle rating up to 300,000 cycles. The switches are suitable for 12V operation and can work at a temperature range from -30 to 85°C.

These tactile switch models feature surface mount packages, gull-wing terminations, SPST circuit types, and operating force ratings up to 240 ± 50 gf. The TS19 series also offers reflow solder compatibility, rated voltage and current ratings of 12 Vdc and 50 mA, and an operating temperature range from -30 to 85°C. The TS19 series is available in the market and can be purchased through CUI distributors.

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About CUI Devices
CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer. The company specializes in an ever-expanding range of product technologies, including audio, interconnect, motion, relays, sensors, switches, and thermal management solutions.


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