Friday, April 12, 2024

Large Diameter Terminal Pins For Use With Large Sized Sockets

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The robust products address growing customer demands for a greater breadth of size options to accomodate in varied board-to-board distances

New pins in the range of 1.75mm diameter are now being offered that are suitable for use with large sized sockets where a single connection is required. The new terminal pins have a current rating of over 9A, making them suitable for power applications. They can act, for example, as mating pins for the larger SYCAMORE Contacts or twin-beam surface mount PCB socket.

The terminal pins have been designed for through-board soldering onto 1.6mm thickness PCBs. They are available in versions with heights above the board of 5mm, 8.1mm, 9.5mm, 15.3mm and 21.65mm. As a result, they can accommodate wide variations in board-to-board distances, which are generally to be expected because of production tolerances. This means that other connections on the board that can only accept minimal differences in the spacing between PCBs may be fully maintained, and not put under any additional pressure. Supplied with either tin or gold finishes, the products exhibit a high degree of durability and ensure a prolonged working lifespan.

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“We’ve seen growing demand from users of our larger SYCAMORE and SMT sockets in applications such as electric vehicle charging, but to date, there have only been a very limited number of suitable terminal pins on the market. So we decided to support our customers by introducing larger diameter terminal pins. We can see definite opportunities for these new terminal pins in a multitude of sectors, including metering, instrumentation, satellites and robotics, ” notes Neil Moore, Product Manager for EMC & Industrial Connectors at Harwin.

The products are now available from Harwin.


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