Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Industrial Ethernet Cables That Reach Long Distances

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The solutions allow last mile connectivity in process, factory and building automation and help reduce their carbon footprint

Bringing long-reach Ethernet connectivity from the edge to the cloud and enabling real-time configurability, lower energy consumption and increased asset utilisation are the new Chronous Industrial Ethernet solutions. They support the 10BASE-T1L physical layer Ethernet standard that allows new data streams from edge nodes in remote and hazardous locations across process and building facilities. This now allows seamless access to previously unavailable data across the network, which can be used for assessing factors such as asset health, raw material usage and process parameters for cleaner manufacturing. 

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The offerings not just reduce a building’s energy consumption but also its overall carbon footprint by controlling several building parameters. The light and malleable Chronous Industrial Ethernet solutions can transfer data over 1.7 kilometres or more than a mile (a significant increase from previous Ethernet standards) through a single twisted pair of Ethernet cables that minimise space, weight and cost. Applications include cabling infrastructure, reducing commissioning cost and complexity.

 The new Industrial Ethernet solutions come in two flexible options. The MAC PHY (ADIN1110) enables low power systems by simplifying retrofitting for Ethernet in field sensors or actuators and preserves existing investment in software and processor technology. The PHY (ADIN1100) provides standard Ethernet interfaces and supports more complex designs such as field switch developments or building controllers. 

“Many process plants and buildings are struggling with constant manual local intervention required by service personnel and limited ability to optimise assets at an enterprise level,” said Mark Barry, General Manager of Automation and Energy at Analog Devices. “By providing long-reach Industrial Ethernet solutions that adhere to the 10BASE-T1L Ethernet standard, we’re making it possible for our customers to achieve reliable communications over much longer distances, covering the last mile in connectivity.  This truly enables the benefits of digitalisation through seamless access to edge data and improved control of remote assets.”  

Both products are now available from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). 


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