Monday, July 15, 2024

Microcontroller Based Fans For Directional Flow and Speed Control

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Orion Fan has announced the release of its new series of microcontroller-based, reversible Flow Fans. The fans are available in 12V, 24V, 48V, and 60V versions. The fan speed and the airflow direction can easily be controlled without supplementing excess wires or circuitry by utilizing PWM signals. These fans can eliminate the need for a dual fan setup and provide a solution for difficult cooling requirements.

Reversible Flow Fan

According to the company, the reversible fans are suitable for outdoor applications where a periodic reverse flow is required to keep the air pathway clean and free from environmental debris. Unlike the typical fan speed control where PWM control provides a fixed-frequency AC square wave signal to the fan, the duty cycle of the waveform is altered to match the desired speed. The reversible segments of the PWM duty cycle curve into “Forward” versus “Reverse” regions. This segmentation still allows for speed control over a condensed duty cycle range, while enabling control of the direction of flow without requiring additional control wires or circuitry.

This fan can reduce the cost of bill of materials along with the complexity and size of the design for operations that would have otherwise required two fans for changing the directions of the airflow such as applications where dynamic control of airflow pathways is needed, and large airflow check valves may be difficult or impossible to integrate. It can also be implemented in HVAC applications vending machines, cooler display cases, and lighting.

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“By utilizing the newest microcontroller-based designs in the reversible flow fans, we provide engineers the advantage of both directional flow and speed control in a single fan, a feature that we have been receiving more and more requests for,” says David Luna, VP of Marketing for Orion Fans.

Features & Benefits:

  • One fan to achieve airflow direction and speed
  • Periodic reverse flow ensures no clogging
  • Remotely controls building airflow intake and exhaust
  • Reduces cost and space of two fans


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