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Module Combining Signal Generator And Analyzer For Testing Communication Systems

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R&S PVT360A is a compact VSG/VSA tester suitable for high-speed, high-throughput testing of all forms of 5G FR1 base stations.

R&S PVT360A (Source: R&S)

R&S PVT360A is a VSG (Vector Signal Generator)/ VSA (Vector Signal Analyzer) single-box performance vector tester from Rohde & Schwarz. The tester is suitable for high-speed, high-throughput testing of all forms of 5G FR1 base stations and small cells as well as for RF components characterization or production. The PVT360A has an operational frequency range from 400MHz to 8 GHz that covers all 5G FR1 requirements. The optional second generator and analyzer support multiport component tests, true MIMO testing or simply double the test capacity.

The PVT 360A is capable of fulling the demanding requirements of the test environment such as minimum Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) in test signals and high test throughput.  The low EVM of the R&S PVT360A signal generator provides high-precision test signals for minimal measurement uncertainty.

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A VSG is a type of signal generator that can generate complex signals such as modulated RF signals and signals with arbitrary waveforms. It is often used to test the performance of electronic devices such as RF receivers, modulators, and other components in a communication system. A VSA on the other hand is a type of instrument used to analyze and measure the characteristics of signals, including amplitude, frequency, and phase. It can be used for testing and evaluating the performance of RF and digital communication systems, such as determining the quality of a received signal or measuring the characteristics of a transmitted signal. Together, a VSG/VSA tester can be used for comprehensive testing and analysis of communication systems.

To cover the full range of requirements in the extremely price-sensitive market for production tests with a single instrument, the R&S PVT360A option concept supports setups from a single generator and analyzer with eight test ports for frequencies from 400 MHz to 6 GHz and a bandwidth of 250 MHz, up to the complete twin channel configuration each with the full frequency and bandwidth ranges of 8 GHz and 500 MHz.

The R&S PVT360A is a comprehensive testing equipment that can both generate and analyse signals with high accuracy making it a more reliable, compact and cost-effective solution for testing communication systems.


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