Monday, April 22, 2024

MPU-Based System-On-Module With The SAM9X60D1G-SOM

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Microchip launched SAM9X60D1G-SOM the System-on-module based embedded MPU running up to 600 MHz and with a size of 28mm×28mm, it is a hand-solderable module based on the SAM9X60D1G System in Package (SiP). This integrates the MPU and DDR with power supplies, clocks, and memory storage. The SAM9X60D1G-SOM from Microchip is the first SOM with 4 Gb SLC NAND Flash to optimize memory storage for data in application devices, while the on-board DDR lowers the supply and price risks associated with memory chips. The MCP16501 power management IC (PMIC), which streamlines the power design effort to a single 5V voltage rail to enable lower-power devices, is also part of the small=form-factor SAM9X60D1G-SOM.

SAM9X60D1G-SOM (Credit: Microchip)

The SAM9X60D1G-SOM comprises a 10/100 KSZ8081 Ethernet PHY and a 1 Kb Serial EEPROM with a pre-programmed MAC address to provide the capabilities an Ethernet-connected system may need (EUI-48). Customers can further alter their designs depending on the level of security protection necessary, such as a secure boot with on-chip secure key storage (OTP), hardware encryption engine (TDES, AES, and SHA), and True Random Generator (TRNG).

“With the SAM9X60D1G-SOM, designers can take advantage of a mid-level performance microprocessor and significantly reduce design complexities,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip’s 32-bit MPU business unit. “This latest SOM provides customers a small-form-factor solution directly from Microchip and eases the logistics burden of separately procuring each of the six active components and numerous passives on the SOM.”

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The SAM9X60D1G-SOM is made for a wide range of MPU32 end applications in several different fields, including industrial and automation control, medical equipment, automotive telematics and entertainment systems, electric car chargers, and more. Additionally, it works particularly well with devices that are made to offer computing capabilities with numerous communication interfaces and are qualified only once before being adapted for various projects.


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