Friday, May 24, 2024

Multi-protocol Antenna For IoT Applications

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RangeAnt has released MAX antenna, a series of multi-protocol high-efficiency antenna. The antennas have a working range between 700 MHz to 3000 MHz. The antennas are designed for cellular, GNSS applications and are up to 90% efficient. The high efficiency makes them suitable for use in IoT applications. These antennas are suitable for use with multiple protocols including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Sub-GHz, LPWAN, Wi-Fi, and cellular, etc. The Max antenna enables companies to build products for global markets while simplifying their design effort and inventory by only using one type of antenna.

According to the company, the antenna is an omnidirectional antenna and features a double-sided board design. Full performance is achieved without the use of a separate ground plane, allowing unprecedented design freedom for mechanical and electrical engineers. The antenna can be integrated into a product without taking a ground plane into consideration and without compromising wireless reliability or signal quality.

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Hans-Erik Backram, RangeAnt’s CEO, said, “Our research indicates that MAX antennas offer over 20% better performance compared with the nearest wideband antenna alternatives. This gives system designers greater flexibility in optimizing the trade-off between operating range, data rates, and power consumption for their wireless links. For the first time, they can optimize their designs while working with a single antenna, whatever the desired frequency band or wireless protocol.”

The RangeAnt MAX antenna offers a pad for installing surface mount matching components if needed. The company also offers guidance on suitable matching networks and matching services for specific applications.


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