Sunday, May 19, 2024

NASP Chip Can Bridge Analog Computations And The Digital Core

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POLYN Technology, an Israel-based company has announced the release of its first Neuromorphic Analog Signal Processor (NASP) chip. The ultra-low-power, high-performance NASP chip is capable of replicating the pre-processing of the primary cortical area of the human brain. It is the first Tiny AI true analog design to be used next to sensors, and it can be used to demonstrate the proof of the technology’s brain-mimicking architecture. The chip finds usage in applications such as wearables, Industry 4.0, Connected Health 4.0, etc.


“This achievement validates the intensive work of our multinational team,” said Aleksandr Timofeev, CEO and founder of POLYN Technology. “Our chip represents the most advanced technology bridging analog computations and the digital core. It is designed with neuroscience in mind, replicating pre-processing the primary cortical area of the human brain does at the periphery before learning at the center.”

According to the company, the NASP chip embodies the Tiny AI concept and enables full data processing disaggregation between the sensor node and the cloud. The Polyn Technologies’ NASP test chip is implemented in a 55nm CMOS technology and contains several neural networks. Its design proves the NASP “neuron” model as well as the scalability of the technology and efficiency of the chip design automation tools developed by POLYN.

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“Our first chip is created from trained neural networks by NASP Compiler and synthesis tools that generated Netlist and the silicon engineering files from the software math model simulation. We will continue to refine our technology for creation of new generation chips,” said Yaakov Milstain, COO of POLYN.

The company is trying to make the NASP chip available to customers by the first quarter of 2023 as its first wearables product, with a fusion of PPG and IMU sensors. The company is claiming to release it in the most accurate heart rate measurement along with recognition and tracking of human activity.


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