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New AI-Enabled Fusion Processors

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These devices integrate AI/machine learning acceleration, multilayered security, GNSS positioning and on-chip memory

Alif Semiconductor, a provider of AI-enabled embedded computing solutions has launched a highly scalable family of power-efficient AI-enabled cellular IoT fusion processors and microcontrollers. Classified into Ensemble and Crescendo series, these devices integrate AI/machine learning acceleration, multilayered security, GNSS positioning and on-chip memory. 

Block diagram of Ensemble IoT fusion processor
Block diagram of Crescendo IoT fusion processor

While the large on-chip SRAM and non-volatile memory along with accelerated graphics and imaging features make the Ensemble series ideal for robotic applications, home automation products, and industrial sensing and control applications, the Crescendo series provides the additional functionality of LTE Cat-M1 and NB-IoT Connectivity. The provisions for LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT connectivity and optional iSIM make the Crescendo series suitable for smart city infrastructure, asset tracking, healthcare devices and wearables. 

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Powering IoT Applications

When it comes to battery-powered IoT applications efficient power management is the key. Autonomous Intelligent Power Management (aiPM) technology developed by Alif Semiconductor produces class-leading low-power operation, ensuring a better life for devices with smaller batteries. 

“The Ensemble and Crescendo families introduce a scalable, highly integrated architecture that lets developers create secure solutions spanning multiple applications, with different functional and processing requirements on a common fabric,” commented Reza Kazerounian, Co-founder, and President of Alif Semiconductor. “The innovative approach we are taking is a game-changer and will disrupt the way developers create intelligent machines.”

“The next generation of IoT applications requires more intelligent, secure, AI-capable endpoint devices at scale,” said Mohamed Awad, Vice President of IoT & Embedded at Arm. “Alif’s new product families, based on Arm’s proven technology, will unleash the potential of AI and enable developers to create innovative solutions that fuel the continued growth of the IoT.” 

Ensemble and Crescendo MCUs and fusion processors are sampling now to lead customers. The parts are supported by Alif software, development tools and kits. Production qualification will be complete in 1Q 2022. With these two new devices having a lot of potential applications, Alif hopes to revolutionise the IoT market. 


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