Sunday, July 14, 2024

New and Better Performing DC-DC Converter Series

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  • MORNSUN’s upgraded DC-DC converter series provides improved circuit protection and stability
  • Suitable for a range applications in high-altitude harsh outdoor environments

MORNSUN has released an upgraded 5-200W ultra-wide input voltage range DC-DC converter series that can deliver better performance and cost-effectiveness for applications involving photovoltaic combiner boxes, inverters, energy storage BMS and charging piles and more.

The PV15-27BxxR3 series has an optional input voltage range of 100-1000VDC, which could withstand a transient voltage up to 1200VDC for 60 seconds. They have been designed to provide input under-voltage protection, meet UL1741 standard and be suitable for high-altitude harsh outdoor environments.

These modules feature an isolation voltage of 4000VAC, output over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and input against reverse protection which ensures circuit stability.

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Key Features

⦁ Wide 10:1 input voltage range: 100 – 1000VDC (Transient 1200VDC, duration: 60s)
⦁ Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius
⦁ High I/O isolation voltage: 4000VAC
⦁ 5000m altitude application
⦁ Input under-voltage, reverse input voltage, output short circuit, over-current, over–voltage protection
⦁ Designed to meet UL1741, CSA-C22.2 No.107.1, EN62109 standards


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