Wednesday, July 17, 2024

New and Enhanced Software Features Which Improve MCU Configuration

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  • STMicroelectronics’ latest development offers users customise and share STM32Cube Expansion Packages
  • They can also design system functions including signal conditioning, power conversion and RF circuitry using STM32PackCreator and eDesignSuite

STMicroelectronics has enhanced the STM32Cube software-development ecosystem by introducing new features in the MCU configuration and project setup tool (STM32CubeMX version 6.0) and the STM32CubeIDE v1.4 multi-OS C/C++ development platform. This will allow users to filter and choose software examples, gather and apply development tools, and customise, use and share STM32Cube Expansion Packages.

Both tools are capable of providing direct access to the latest STM32Cube MCU and Expansion Packages that contain software useful to run STM32 devices and peripherals, as well as external components such as sensors or connectivity. Also, users can now start their projects directly from any of the given number of software examples.

The STM32Cube MCU Packages series contain peripheral drivers, middleware, application examples and Board Support Packages (BSPs). The package allows flexibility to include new features such as a BSP or middleware using ST or third parties while maintaining the integrity of the STM32Cube ecosystem.

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STM32PackCreator (now present in STM32CubeMX 6.0) allows users to create and share their own STM32Cube Expansion Packages by guiding through expansion-pack development.

System design tools

STM32CubeMX version 6.0 now also helps users find all development tools available in the STM32Cube ecosystem, as well as other ST design tools such as: 

  • AlgoBuilder – Graphical algorithm-design tool for STM32 microcontrollers and MEMS sensors
  • ST-MC-SUITE for motor control. 

Additionally, users can launch STM32PackCreator and eDesignSuite for designing associated system functions including signal conditioning, power conversion and RF circuitry. 

All elements of the STM32Cube ecosystem including tools and embedded software components are available free of charge and can be obtained from ST’s website.


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