Thursday, June 13, 2024

New ASFETs Offers Enhanced SOA Performance

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These new Application Specific MOSFETs offer enhanced safety against in-rush currents and can be used for hot-swap applications.

Credit : Nexperia

Hot-swaps protect the main bus of the device from in-rush currents. These in-rush currents often create reliability challenges for hot-swap applications. Nexperia has introduced hotswap application specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) with enhanced Soft Operating Area (SOA). The new devices combine industry-leading enhanced SOA performance with extremely low RDS(on), and can be used in 12 V hotswap applications including data center servers and communications equipment.

Nexperia has developed PSMNR67-30YLE ASFET, fully optimized for hot-swap and soft start applications. The device delivers 2.2x stronger SOA (12 V @100 mS) than previous technologies while having an RDS(on) (max) as low as 0.7 mΩ. The Spirito effect (represented by the steeper downward slope found on SOA curves at higher voltages) has been eliminated, while exceptional performance is maintained across the full voltage and temperature range (compared to unoptimized devices).

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The device is characterized at 125 °C and provides hot SOA datasheet curves therefore supporting designers by removing thermally de-rate design. Nexperia has launched 8 new devices (three 25 V and five 30 V). These devices are available in a choice of LFPAK56 & LFPAK56E packages with RDS(on) ranging from 0.7 mΩ to 2 mΩ, the majority of hotswap and soft start applications are addressed. Two additional 25 V products (which will have an even lower RDS(on) of 0.5 mΩ) are planned for release over the coming months.


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