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New EMI Test Receiver For Faster Measurements

New EMI Test Receiver For Faster Measurements
Credit : Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a new EMI test receiver for reliable emission certification measurements with minimum test times.

Credit : Rohde & Schwarz

With devices becoming more compact and reaching out to micro ranges, the demand for precision increases. Devices are becoming smaller and smaller day by day and their functionalities on the other hand are becoming more complex. Testing their performance, in such conditions, becomes more difficult.

Rohde & Schwarz has launched a new EMI test receiver to perform such precision measurements within minimum time. The R&S EPL 1000 is CISPR 16-1-1 compliant and suitable for certification measurements. The instrument reduces uncertainty in pre-
compliance measurement tasks. The very fast time domain scan lets the R&S EPL1000 check all frequencies in CISPR bands A or B in a single shot for quick and seamless measurements over extended periods of time whenever desired or necessary.

A user-friendly GUI helps EMC engineers quickly find infrequent emissions and gain a good overview. The reproducible and standard compliant test results ensure high product quality. The new device has a pulse protected input. An autoranging function prevents the overloading of the signal processing chain to ensure correct measurement results. Built-in preselection ensures a high dynamic range and enables the acquisition of short pulses. For detailed signal analysis, the R&S EPL1000 has spectrogram and IF analysis functions.

Automation simplifies measurements and ensures exact reproducibility of test sequences. For example, all lines connected to a Rohde & Schwarz LISN can be checked for CISPR bands A and B at the push of a button. Results are automatically compared with configured limit values and the R&S EPL1000 displays the result for the entire measurement as PASS/FAIL.
The integrated report generator allows the result and measurement details to be easily saved and printed.

The additional spectrum analyzer functions help with a detailed EMI analysis. An optional integrated continuous wave signal generator with a tracking generator function characterizes used accessories and cables without the need to use an external signal generator. In addition to the standard mains supply, the compact test receiver can be run on 12/24 V DC or battery, making it very flexible and portable.

The R&S EPL1000 can be used with the R&S ELEKTRA EMC test software. R&S ELEKTRA helps minimize test times and simplifies configuring test systems and running test procedures in line with the EMC standards. The instrument speeds up test execution and provides comprehensive and customizable test reports.