Sunday, April 21, 2024

New Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway Achieves 3.5km Range in Field Testing

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The made in India product aims to simplify the deployment of complex IoT projects for a wide range of automation applications

The indoor LoRaWAN gateway known as NANOGTW-IDV has been launched by SSTPL, a technology company driving innovation with a world-class & affordable range of Smarter IoT Products with the aim to simplify the deployment of complex IoT projects. It comes with a high-performance LoRa chipset. This made in India device is best suited for Automatic Meter Readings (AMR), Industrial Applications, POC purpose, Sensor Integrations, Home Automation & Security. 

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Features include: 

  • 8 Channels MultiSF (SF5-SF12) 
  • Sx1302 Baseband 
  • Sx1250 RF Front End 
  • WIFI & Ethernet 
  • Output Power: 20dBm 
  • Range tested up to 3.5km 
  • Different Frequency Bands of IN865-868, EU863-870, US902 etc 
  • Table Top & Wall Mount 
  • 5V 1 Amp USB Type C Power supply 
  • GUI Support Small as your Wallet Size (110X80X25 mm) 
  • Ultra-low-cost

Order can be made through distributors Fides Electronics Pvt Ltd & Millennium Semiconductors.


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