Wednesday, July 17, 2024

New Isolated Gate Drivers For Enhanced Safety In Energy Storage Application

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The new EiceDRIVER is a dual-channel isolated gate driver ICs that offer higher efficiency, safety and reliable operation over a wide temperature and voltage range.

The new EiceDRIVER is suitable for a wide range of applications including energy storage systems (ESS), EV charging, high-power SMPS, etc.

Infineon’s new EiceDRIVER is a dual-channel isolated gate driver ICs, suitable for use in SMPS designs. The new gate driver offers a high level of isolation while delivering higher efficiency and reliable operation over a wide temperature range. Compared to the existing EiceDriver, the new generation EiceDRIVER adds multiple useful features such as DSO 14-pin packages for extended channel-to-channel creepage and features dead-time and shoot-through protection, as well as a faster UVLO start-up time, thus providing additional protection to ensure safe and reliable operation. The new EiceDRIVER is suitable for a wide range of power electronics applications including use in energy storage systems (ESS), server & telecom SMPS, EV charging, etc.

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An isolated gate driver is used to control and drive the switching of power semiconductor devices, such as MOSFETs or IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), in high-voltage applications. It provides electrical isolation between the input and output sides of the circuit to enhance safety and protect sensitive control circuitry. According to the company, the new gate driver ICs offer higher channel-to-channel isolation because of the new packaging design that offers the omission of unused pins, formerly declared to be “no connects.” Furthermore, it also provides higher PCB layout flexibility, making it easier for designers to develop their circuits and extend the design’s lifetime. The SMPS IC offers a faster start-up and eliminates the risk of mains power-transformer saturation by featuring a shortened UVLO start-up time (2 μs instead of 5 μs), Furthermore, the new ICs include a special output clamping circuit that implements an active output clamping approach to quickly clamp the output noise even if the channel is “inactive”. This versatile approach can prevent dangerous half-bridge shoot-through events during boot-strapped start-up while the gate driver supply is still below the UVLO on the threshold.

The company claims that the new generation of the EiceDRIVER product family of dual-channel galvanically isolated gate driver ICs offers the latest isolation standards (VDE 0884-11, IEC 60747-17), making it suitable for use in power supplies used in critical applications. Moreover, the IC comes in a highly compact LGA 4×4 mm2 package that enables designers to design compact SMPS and other devices, allowing for a space-saving of up to 36 percent in low-voltage applications. Furthermore, the company promises that the drivers are prepared for at least 20 years of operation while ensuring the highest safety standards.

The EiceDriver are manufactured by Infineon, a German brand that designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and system solutions. The focus of its activities is on automotive electronics, industrial electronics, RF applications, mobile devices and hardware-based security. The new EiceDrivers are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including server and telecom SMPS, solar inverters and energy storage systems, motor drives and battery-powered applications, EV charging, and high-performance computing.


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