Friday, April 19, 2024

New Op Amp Series That Considerably Reduces Noise In Designs

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Achieves breakthrough noise immunity, improving reliability and reducing design resources in anomaly detection systems

Electrification and mounting density advancements have increased the environmental noise produced by electric and autonomous vehicles. Noise evaluation on individual boards and systems is difficult to carry out during automotive development. Some improvements require large-scale EMI countermeasures after vehicle assembly to lower the noise.

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In response, ROHM has strengthened its EMARMOUR series by launching the new BD8758xYseries (BD87581YG-C, BD87582YFVM-C) of rail-to-rail input/output high-speed CMOS op-amps. Featuring improved EMI immunity for automotive and industrial equipment applications, the series is apt for high-speed sensing in harsh environments for devices such as vehicle engine control units and anomaly detection systems for factory automation equipment.

Application examples include:

  • EV/HEV inverters, engine control units, eCall (vehicle emergency call system), car navigation/air conditioning systems
  • Industrial factory automation equipment, measurement equipment, measuring instruments, servo systems and sensor systems
  • Other automotive/industrial applications sensitive to noise

The EMARMOUR series prevents malfunctions due to noise without the need to take special application measures. The latest BD8758xY series in particular has demonstrated superior performance under international noise evaluation tests. For example, in ISO 11452-2 radio wave emission testing conducted by vehicle manufacturers, the output voltage of standard products fluctuates by more than ±300mV in all frequency bands, while the new BD8758xY series achieves ±10mV or less (one-thirty lower). At the same time, the CMOS element structure enables accurate, high-speed signal amplification – without being affected by external noise when installed inside the targeted sensor applications, thus significantly improving reliability in a wide range of applications, including anomaly detection systems. 

Key Features

  • Breakthrough noise immunity reduces noise design resources considerably

Developed as part of the EMARMOUR series of op-amps, these newest models achieved unprecedented performance under four international noise evaluation tests (ISO 11452-2 Radio Wave Emission Test, ISO 11452-4 Bulk Current Injection Test, ISO 11452-9 Proximity Antenna Immunity Test, and IEC 62132-4 Direct RF Power Injection Test ). For example, in the ISO 11452-2 radio wave emission test, the output voltage of standard products can fluctuate by ±300mV or more across the entire noise frequency band, while ROHM’s latest products achieve unprecedented noise immunity that limits variation to less than ±10mV, eliminating the need for countermeasures at each frequency (i.e. a total of 10 CR filter components for a 2ch op-amp) and also reducing the noise design resources for sensors and other components that play an important role in the system, contributing to reduced application design effort and improved reliability.

  • High accuracy simulation model prevents rework after prototyping

‘ROHM Real Model’ is a new high accuracy SPICE model that utilises original model-based technology to reproduce the electrical and temperature characteristics of the actual IC, resulting in a perfect match between the IC and simulation values. This ensures reliable verification and more efficient application development – for example by preventing rework after prototyping.

This SPICE model is now available on ROHM’s website. 

Samples of the product can now be obtained from distributors such as Digikey, Mouser and Farnell.


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