Sunday, April 14, 2024

New Oscilloscope Series Developed for Engineers and Educators

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  • Comes with easy-to-use controls, automated measurements and built-in instruction features
  • Provides application tips and general guidance in the form of text and graphics

Presenting the new TBS2000B Series of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes by Tektronix that meets the performance, usability and affordability needs of both engineers and educators. The new oscilloscope series extends the performance of the previous TBS2000 series to 200 Mhz with 2GS/s maximum sample rate.


Features for assisting development and troubleshooting

Designed for easy operation and fast hands-on learning, the TBS2000B offers a range of key features:

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  • Large 22.86 cm (9-inch) WVGA display and 15 horizontal divisions for 50 per cent more signal visibility.
  • 5M point record length, 200 MHz bandwidth and 2GS/s sample rate capture and display enable more signal to be debugged and validate designs faster.
  • New lower-noise front end design offers better signal integrity and more accurate measurements.
  • TekVPI™ probe interface supports a wide range of active, differential and current probes with automatic scaling and units.
  • On-waveform cursor readouts with search and mark features enable easy identification of events occurring in the acquired waveform.
  • Bandwidth is field-upgradeable from 70MHz to 100MHz to 200MHz.
  • Includes Wi-Fi support (via USB Wi-Fi dongle), 2 USB host ports, and 100-BaseT Ethernet for easy collaboration.

Providing 100 per cent compatibility with existing designs, the TBS2000B series is a perfect replacement for TBS2000 series oscilloscopes, with the same form factor and programmable interface.

Hands-on learning with built-in instruction features

The TBS2000B is ideal for university and training environments, with built-in features that make instruction in engineering fundamentals easier for both students and teachers:

  • Offers instant tips within key menus, including measurement information, application tips and general guidance in the form of text and graphics.
  • TekSmart Lab™ network software helps instructors set up and monitor many instruments from one PC.
  • Courseware ecosystem lets instructors load information into the TBS2000B to help students during labs.
  • Autoset, cursors and automated measurements can be disabled to facilitate teaching basic concepts.

The TBS2000B modules are available now.


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