Sunday, July 14, 2024

New Q/V Band RF Upconverter To Test Satellite Payloads

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  • The device from Rohde & Schwarz offers a solution for testing broadband transponders in the payloads of very high throughput satellites (VHTS)
  • A 2 GHz modulation bandwidth helps to cover high frequency ranges

The Q/V band offers large bandwidths for feeder links to satellites, making it ideal for the implementation of upcoming data links with high bit rates, offering end-users with large volumes of data. This has led to high demands for placing microwave components in the Q/V band, including from operators of conventional geostationary satellites as well as LEO satellites.

Components such as amplifiers, converters, receiver modules and complete satellite payloads need to be extensively tested in the Q/V band during development and verification. Especially for satellite payloads, test equipment must meet very high requirements for signal quality. 

To meet the test requirements, the R&S SZV100A Q/V band RF upconverter in combination with the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S SMA100B RF and microwave signal generator assist in providing continuous coverage of all satellite bands from VHF to V band as well as the frequency bands for 5G in the Q/V band. The R&S SMW200A delivers a modulated broadband IF signal with bandwidths up to 2 GHz and the R&S SMA100B provides high-precision LO signal. 

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Compact and remote operation

The maximum output power of the R&S SZV100A is as high as +16 dBm (at 1 dB compression point). A compact housing design, low weight and mounting points of the R&S SZV100A allow mounting as close as possible to the DUT, for example on the outside of a thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC). The distance between the IF source or LO source and the R&S SZV100A can be as much as 10 metres, allowing an optimized test setup.

The upconverter and the signal generators can be operated remotely with a PC software over a LAN connection. The R&S SZV remote control software enables simple and convenient configuration of the entire device setup consisting of the R&S SZV100A, R&S SMW200A and R&S SMA100B and can be operated as a single instrument.

The R&S SZV100A is a low-cost upgrade for existing test systems and is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.


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