Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Range Of Electrothermal MOSFET Models To Help Design Engineers Validate Circuits Better

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Nexperia recently announced the release of new, enhanced electrothermal models for its MOSFET device. The company claims that the models have higher accuracy as they are modeled for the complete operating temperature range from -55 °C to 175 °C. Furthermore, the overall accuracy is enhanced by the inclusion of device Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance and reverse diode recovery time. This new approach to supporting external activity is aimed to make device designing easier for every design engineer.

These models will help designers to create and simulate accurate models and validate the thermal, electrical, and EMC performance even before procuring materials or building a prototype. The wide temperature range will ensure accurate results which are required by the designers to ensure that their designs could operate under (unlikely) worst-case conditions, can now simulate their designs across specific temperatures ranges.

According to the company, these wide temperature ranged MOSFET models were developed along with a Tier 1 OEM whose requirements could not be satisfied by any other existing product produced by the company. “These new advanced electrothermal models are intended to give designers the ultimate degree of confidence in the results of their circuit simulations. Initial feedback from our collaborative partner indicates that these models are the most exact they have ever seen,” Andy Berry, applications engineer with Nexperia said.

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Circuit Validation has always been resource intensive as the prototyping phase and testing are both expensive and time-consuming. Testing the dynamic characteristics is crucial for EMI consideration, but the lack of realistic accuracy in the existing models caused imperfect test results. But the advanced electrothermal MOSFET models will ensure that engineers can find and rectify the EMC problems and validate their circuits in the preliminary stage of the project, the company said.


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