Wednesday, April 17, 2024

New Thermopile-Based Detectors For CO2 Sensing

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TO-5-packaged single- and dual-channel detectors provide best performance, quality and longevity for CO2 sensors

CO2 levels are a major component of indoor air quality (IAQ) measurement, and thermopile-based detectors are a key building block of sensing solutions required by applications such as HVAC control, air quality monitoring, surgical equipment and capnography equipment for ventilator systems. 

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Offering the best performance, quality and longevity in a TO-5 package are the new thermopile-based detectors by Renesas Electronics Corporation. These devices are integrated with optical filters for optical (NDIR) CO2 sensors. The four new single- and dual-channel analogue detectors for CO2 gases are ideal for use in a variety of industrial, medical and IoT applications that require high reliability, high accuracy and operation in high temperatures. 

The new detectors deliver fast response times with a time constant ranging from 18 to 25 ms and a high signal-to-noise ratio ranging from 1,981 to 4,953 to ensure the accuracy and reliability required for mission-critical applications. The devices are certified for high-temperature environments, supporting applications operating with extended temperature ranges up to 125°C.

These new thermopile-based detectors complement Renesas’ current environmental sensor lineup for air quality detection. Customers can combine CO2 sensors based on the new detectors with a variety of Renesas sensors such as its popular ZMOD4410 IAQ platform featuring embedded AI in an IP67-rating package option, and/or its HS3001 high-performance, highly accurate relative humidity and temperature sensor. Together with Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs), this combination enables the creation of a complete environmental sensing solution for medical or industrial applications.

“With more people spending longer hours indoors during current events, many home, healthcare, educational and work environments are adopting HVAC systems and equipment with increasingly sensitive detection features to ensure healthy CO2 levels,” said Uwe Guenther, Senior Director, Sensing Solutions, IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “Renesas’ new family of thermopile-based detectors support the development of the highest performance CO2 sensors, enabling manufacturers of HVAC systems and other medical and industrial applications to meet the changing requirements for CO2 detection at an affordable price point, delivering real-time feedback for these mission-critical applications while maintaining high accuracy and reliability.”

Renesas has also combined the new thermopile-based detectors with its complementary analogue and power devices and Dialog’s Bluetooth Low Energy system on chip to create the new Thermopile CO2 Detector Winning Combination to detect ambient CO2 concentrations. 

The RH5Z0610D, RH5Z0622D, RH5Z1210D, and RH5Z1222D thermopile detectors and thermopile detector evaluation kit are available now from Renesas’ worldwide distributors.


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