Thursday, April 25, 2024

New Version Of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Solution

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  • Altair’s new version of Altair Knowledge Studio offers greater speed, flexibility and transparency to data modelling and predictive analysis
  • Beneficial for data scientists involved in product design; also an automated code requires no previous coding skills to perform predictive modelling

Altair, a global technology company providing solutions in product development, high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics, has released a new version of Altair Knowledge Studio that brings greater speed, flexibility and transparency to data modelling and predictive analysis.

Knowledge Studio employs automated machine learning (AutoML) for optimising the modelling process while offering users deeper insight and understanding into results, which is beneficial for business analysts and data scientists working in areas including fraud prevention, collections optimization, marketing, sales, CRM analytics, product design and engineering,

Faster results

Knowledge Studio can streamline the entire workflow and provide ease of operation. At the outset, data is improved automatically by replacing missing values and dealing with outliers. AutoML then builds and compares many different models to identify the best available option. In contrast to manual approaches, results are optimised in minutes rather than hours. Data scientists can now modify models and fine-tune performance using improved controls. This gives greater transparency and an opportunity to learn fast.

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Insight into model development

Knowledge Studio does not adopt a ‘black box’ approach that shuts out users. Instead, it gives a complete outlook in the inner workings of models developed. Although the models are developed automatically, explainable AI gives users the confidence that regardless of the model type, the process can be easily understood, interpreted and evaluated.

Other new features of Knowledge Studio:

  • Automated Python code that supports predictive modelling; deployment-ready models can be created fast without requiring any coding skill.
  • Direct data export to Altair Monarch, Altair’s data preparation tool.
  • Support for R code 4.0 and higher.

“As a powerful solution that can be used by data scientists and business analysts alike, Knowledge Studio continues to lead the data science and machine learning market,” said Sam Mahalingam, Altair chief technology officer. “Without requiring a single line of code, Knowledge Studio visualizes data fast, and quickly generates explainable results.”


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