Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New Wireless Charging Solution For Portable Devices

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  • Renesas Electronics’ latest addition to its wireless power solutions portfolio aims to deliver a suitable wireless charging option for a range of commercial and industrial equipment
  • The solution includes the company’s WattShare™ technology that allows seamless transmission and reception of power

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced its newest member of wireless power solutions portfolio, the P9415-R wireless power receiver, which is equipped with Renesas’ WattShare™ technology.

The new 15W wireless power receiver enables smartphones, power banks, and portable industrial and medical equipment to wirelessly charge other mobile devices and accessories that also have wireless charging capabilities. The P9415-R features up to 5W of transmit power capability in transmitter/receiver (TRx) mode, as well as receive up to 15W on Qi transmitters, enabling quick and convenient mobile device charging on the go.

The P9415-R combines receiver and transmitter capabilities, allowing smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earbuds and other devices to be wirelessly charged simply by placing them on top of a smartphone or other industrial and medical portable devices. In WattShare TRx mode, the P9415-R enables these mobile devices to change the direction of power flow and deliver up to 5W of power to charge other devices. The same wireless power coil and P9415 circuitry can be used for both receiving and transmitting power wirelessly.

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Key Features

  • MTP non-volatile memory for easy firmware and device function updates
  • GUI support offers great flexibility for user customisation
  • Up to 30W can be received in proprietary mode
  • UVLO as low as 2.7V for increased available charging area and fast connections
  • Improved IOUT sensing accuracy for improved foreign object detection capabilities
  • Speeds time to market and helps provide OI certification
  • Offers bi-directional communications for supporting proprietary authentication with encryption
  • X-Y alignment circuitry gives better receiver/transmitter device alignment
  • WPC 1.3-ready wireless power receiver

“2020 will be the year wireless charging moves into the mainstream, expanding from premium smartphones to include mid-range devices and gaining broader adoption into consumer and industrial devices beyond the smartphone market,” said Andrew Cowell, Vice President, Mobility, Infrastructure & IoT Power Business Division at Renesas. “With the P9415-R, we are excited to bring our state-of-the-art WattShare technology to a wider audience, offering customers broader access to robust, scalable and flexible solutions that enable quick, convenient and cost-effective wireless charging for portable devices.”

The P9415-R 15W WattShare wireless power receiver is available now.


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