Friday, July 19, 2024

Next-Generation Memory And Storage Solutions

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Samsung unveiled its “Memory-semantic SSD,” which combines the advantages of DRAM memory and storage. When employed in AI and ML applications, Memory-semantic SSDs can deliver up to a 20x boost in both random read speed and latency by utilizing Compute Express Link (CXL) connectivity technology with an integrated DRAM cache. The expanding amount of AI and ML workloads that call for extremely quick processing of smaller data sets would benefit greatly from Samsung’s Memory-semantic SSDs, which are optimized to read and write small-sized data chunks at considerably quicker speeds.

(Credit: Samsung)

Next-generation storage technology to maximize data center efficiency is fixed by using  ‘Petabyte Storage’. Server makers will be able to significantly improve their storage capacity while using fewer servers and the same amount of floor area by using this technology. A single server unit will be able to fit more than one petabyte of storage. Low power consumption will also be aided by high server utilization.

The technology to handle these storage units with the highest level of dependability is becoming more and more important as SSDs are increasingly adopted in data centers. With the use of its telemetry technology, Samsung can gather human-readable metadata from important SSD parts like NAND flash, DRAM, SSD drivers, and software. Based on this extensive collection of telemetry data, data centers may identify and stop any possible issues before they arise, allowing for more dependable and effective operation.

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“The IT industry is facing a new set of challenges brought on by the explosive growth in big data, and this underscores the importance of a robust, cross-industry ecosystem,” said Jin-Hyeok Choi, keynote speaker and executive vice president of Memory Solution & Product Development at Samsung Electronics. “We are committed to developing transformative memory technologies that can bring far-reaching changes in how we move, store, process, and manage data for future AI, ML, and HPC applications, as we navigate these challenging tides together with industry partners.”


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