Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Now You Can Accurately Measure Both Distance And Speed Using a Single Camera!!

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The 3D Thermal Ranger provides high-definition 3D thermal imaging with high precision ranging for safe autonomous operation in all weather, day or night.

The 3D Thermal Ranger from Owl.AI is the world’s first monocular 3D thermal ranging solution. The 3D Thermal Ranger offers up to 150x improvement in resolution and cloud density compared to most LiDAR solutions available in the market. The module can improve the safety of autonomous vehicles because of its range, resolution, and ability to detect the speed and direction of an object even in extreme weather and during low lighting conditions. Unlike most other solutions, the 3D Thermal Ranger requires a single module to detect objects throughout the entire field of view (FOV) and is immune to vehicle vibration for reliable and robust mapping, thus saving space and energy. The module uses AI deep learning and foveal optics to extract dense range maps from radiated heat signatures without illumination. Moreover, it can detect and identify objects, which can enhance path planning for self-driving vehicles.

A monocular 3D ranging solution utilizes a single camera, known as a monocular camera, to estimate the depth or distance information of objects in a three-dimensional (3D) scene. Traditional monocular cameras capture two-dimensional (2D) images, but with the help of computer vision algorithms and techniques, it is possible to infer depth information and estimate the 3D structure of the scene. To estimate depth, the system relies on various visual cues and computational techniques.

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The company claims that the Owl’s patented, 3D Thermal Ranger provides HD imaging and precision ranging representing a 150x improvement in the resolution and cloud density of LiDAR. Furthermore, it is capable of detecting objects in both direct sunlight and during night, in all weather conditions. The company also says that its solutions deliver panoramic thermal imaging and dense range maps superior to active LiDAR or RADAR in the market.


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