Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Onsemi Launches New USB Power Delivery Products With Higher Efficiency

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Onsemi has launched a trio of products specially made for USB Power Delivery (PD) design. The NCP1345, NCP1623, and NCP4307. The new controllers and the driver are designed specifically for load ranges above 100W and incorporate innovative features that decrease the Bill-Of-Materials of high-efficiency AC/DC power supplies, and the drivers improve the industrial design while ensuring optimal efficiency across the load range

“USB PD is an important and growing application but meeting its efficiency and size requirements is a tough challenge for designers,” said Shane Chilton, senior director, Power Conversion Solutions Group, onsemi. “Thanks to our suite of products, designers can remove up to 15 components from their existing BOM reducing the cost of their designs, while ensuring that they meet the demanding efficiency and performance standards of the application.”

The NCP4307 is a high-performance driver for use with synchronous rectification (SR) MOSFETs in multiple high-performance switch-mode power supplies topologies. The device is capable of self-supplying from an internal 200V CS pin that enables the high side configuration and low VOUT without requiring an auxiliary supply. The device is optimized for a wide range of VOUT applications and has dual VCC pin selects which optimally choose VCC source to minimize losses.

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According to the company, the NCP1345 is a Quasi-Resonant (QR) flyback controller which has been designed for high-performance off-line power supplies and USB Type-C PD fast charging applications. The size of the magnetic components has been reduced by the use of high-frequency QR operation (up to 350 kHz). This module is compatible with the Limited Power Source (LPS) requirement due to the inbuilt constant output current limit while rapid frequency foldback features ensure excellent light load efficiency.

Unlike the NCP1345 which is QR flyback converter, the NCP1623 is a small form factor Boost Power Factor Correction (PFC) controller rated up to 300W for USB PD fast charging adapters and computing power supplies. The module maximizes the efficiency by entering discontinuous conduction mode at lower losses while operating in critical conduction mode (CRM) at heavy loads. The module can increase efficiency by up to 2% at low input voltages and offers a sleep mode of <100μA optimizing the no-load input power state.


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