Saturday, July 13, 2024

PCB-Less 3D Magnetic Sensor Employing The Industry’s Fastest SENT Protocol

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The A31316 is a 3D magnetic sensor that can enable flexible integration for precision contactless position sensing.

Allegro A31316 is a PCB-less 3D Hall-effect position sensor that comes in a small 4 × 4 mm body PCB-less package. The integrated circuit (IC) includes the industry’s fastest single-edge nibble transmission (SENT) protocol with 0.5 µs to 10 µs tick times and includes a pulse-width modulation (PWM) interface with 125 Hz to 16 kHz carrier for a simple digital interface to microcontrollers.

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The A31316 is ideal for automotive safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications that require high levels of flexibility and reliable performance in harsh conditions with extreme vibrations such as the powertrain of vehicles and demanding industrial applications that require linear or rotary sensing. This sensor integrates the die and capacitors in a single package to address the need for high-performance, compact position sensors that are robust. The A31316 can enable flexible integration for precision contactless position sensing.

 “Vehicles are becoming more complex with each passing year, and the number of sensors needed in modern safety and ADAS applications is increasing rapidly. System designers are looking for options that are both flexible and robust, and the A31316 meets that need,” says Scott Milne, Business Line Director for Position Sensors at Allegro. “It’s a great option for safety-critical applications—such as restraint and shifter systems, parking locks, and inhibitor switches—or for challenging applications—such as transmissions and braking systems, where heat and moisture can degrade performance. We’re excited to enable the next generation of vehicle safety systems with this technology.”

The A31316 eliminates the need for a separate programming interface by employing a Manchester interface for programming the EEPROM through the output pin. Moreover, the A31316 enables better compatibility with microcontrollers or other low-supply devices by enabling programming using a 5V supply. It also reliably stores factory and customer-programmed calibration settings, with dedicated registers for customer use. The component is automotive qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and the A31316 sensor supports ASIL B system-level integration in accordance with ISO 26262.


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