Friday, June 21, 2024

Viscometer With An Improved Heating System

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Seika Machinery has released Malcom PCU-285, a CE-certified viscometer as the industry standard for testing solder paste viscosity. The viscometer features an onboard PC, more stable temperature control and an LCD touchscreen display. This device offers an automatic measurement feature with an option to save data and also has an option to add a printer.

Viscosity is one of the most important parameters to keep a check on in a soldering station. Maintaining the thickness or viscosity of soldering paste is essential as it may affect the quality of a print. In order to test that a paste has the proper thickness for optimal printing, the paste’s viscosity should be checked with an accurate and repeatable viscosity meter. The new Malcom PCU-285 viscometer is said to replace the existing PCU-205 for testing solder paste viscosity, the newly launched device features a 7-inch display and has an improved heating system for more efficient and faster heating.

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According to the company, Malcom’s Spiral Sensor is capable of providing continuous measurement of non-newtonian fluids with excellent repeatability. To ensure proper printing, the device employ’s company’s patented double cylinder pump method to ensure proper and successful screen printing. It has a measurement range of 5Pa.s to 800 Pa.s with a speed range of 1-50 rpm with an accuracy of ±5% of indicated value.

The Malcom PCU-285 has multiple interfaces, it has a 7-inch display and touch panels display which is capable of displaying graphs and the device is capable of saving the data automatically. It also has 2 USB type A  which can be used for interfacing a mouse, keyboard or a flash drive and 1 USB type B for connecting it with a PC, it also features a LAN port. The device has a low power consumption of 130W and weighs only 13kg.


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