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PoL Regulator With High Efficiency And Excellent Thermal Performance

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Provides good thermal performance and can operate at full load in ambient temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius

Offering excellent efficiency and thermal performance for a range of industrial applications, including robotics, factory automation and process control is the new, compact PNA series, an analogue non-isolated point of load (PoL) regulator.

The device has a wide input voltage range of 9 V to 36 V, making it suitable for both 12 V and 24 V power systems. The regulator has high efficiency of 95.5 per cent at 12 Vin and 5.5 Vout, at full load. This reduces power losses and heat dissipation. It delivers an adjustable output of 0.9 V to 5.5 V, at up to 6 A output current, which translates to a maximum power output of 33 W.

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A voltage tracking function enables one regulator to use the output voltage of another as a reference to follow its turn-on and turn-off behaviour. This simplifies the design required to make each device power-up in the correct sequence. The regulator also includes a power good (PG) function, for further control of sequencing, and supports soft start with time-based sequencing.

The PNA series provides good thermal performance and can operate at full load in ambient temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. It has an operating temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to + 125 degrees Celsius. To save board space, the PNA series is provided in a small form factor, measuring 13 x 12.35 x 6.2 mm (0.51 x 0.48 x 0.24 in). This supports bottom-side PCB mounting, thus further reducing space requirements.

The PNA series can be synchronised to an external clock, which means that it eliminates beat frequencies reflected to the input supply rail.

With a mean time between failures (MTBF) of up to 71.84 million hours, the regulator provides an attractive price/performance ratio. Samples are available now from Flex Power Modules. The first device in the series, the PNA2405S3S, will be available in Q2/2021.


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