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Power converter for railway application

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The ERM100 and ERM150 are compact quarter-brick DC-DC converters optimized for rail and mass transportation applications.

The ERM100 and ERM150 series are compact quarter-brick, fully encapsulated 100 W and 150 W DC/DC modules optimized for rail and mass transportation applications. The ERM100 and ERM150 quarter brick modules comply with multiple industry standards and provide reliable, high-efficiency solutions for rail system designers. Both converters have a European Railway Standard EN50155 compliant input voltage range of 36 to 160 Vdc. The modules have an efficiency of up to 91.5% and operate with a fixed switching frequency and deliver a single, continuous power output.

The ERM100 and ERM150 have no minimum load requirement and exhibit low ripple and noise characteristics. A baseplate that is optimized for contact cooling simplifies thermal management, while a heatsink version is available for designs requiring more stringent heat management.

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Both the series of compact quarter-brick DC-DC converters are designed to provide a reliable and efficient power source for a wide range of applications which includes telecommunications equipment, industrial controls, medical equipment, military and aerospace applications, etc.

Features of ERM100 and ERM150

  • Wide input voltage range – 36 to 160Vdc
  • High efficiency: Up to 91.5%
  • Built-in EMI filtering
  • Remote on/off:


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