Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Power Module Enhances Performance Through Exposed Substrate

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Vishay Semiconductors has introduced EMIPAK PressFit power modules, designed to facilitate a reliable performance in rugged 15A to 150A applications.

Credit : Vishay Semiconductors

A power module or power electronic module provides the physical containment for several power components, usually power semiconductor devices. But the problem with containment of all these devices is that the heat is contained in it as well.

Vishay Semiconductors has introduced a solution to this problem. The EMIPAK PressFit power modules are optimized to offer higher performance at low temperature. The exposed design of the device makes it easier for heat to easily vent out. This improves the performance as well the product life.

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Higher power density is achieved via integrated power components into a single housing. Several configurations of various die selections are available. Additionally, the EMIPAK modules include an integrated thermal sensor. An exposed substrate and optimized layout on the package help to minimize stray parameters allowing improved performance. The Vishay Semiconductors EMIPAK PressFit Power Modules come in a 1B package with PressFit pins for ease of use.

  • E series power MOSFET with fast body diode
  • SiC diode technology
  • Exposed Al2O3 substrate with low thermal resistance
  • Low input capacitance
  • Low switching and conduction losses
  • Low figure-of-merit (FOM) Ron x Qg
  • Ultra-low gate charge Qg
  • Low internal inductances
  • Qualified using AQG324 guideline as reference


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