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Pressure Sensor That Can Precisely Locate Objects In Warehouse

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Advanced Barometric Pressure Sensor by Superior Sensor Technology Enables GPS Receivers to Precisely Calculate Height in Indoor Spaces

Technologies used in warehouse and storage facilities require huge attention to details like positioning and arrangements of products. It requires a large amount of data numbering and identification which can be a quiet energy draining process. And it doesn’t end here, the whole stack of goods needs to be identified and that too with precise care.

Image demonstrating warehouse scenario including need for elevation tracking for goods.                              Credit : Superior Sensor Technology

The ND015A Barometric Pressure Sensor offers precise elevation measurements for GPS receivers. The extremely low noise floor in ND015A provides resolution within ±6 inches of height, which helps GPS receivers precisely calculate elevation levels. This is very useful, especially when tracking devices in indoor spaces.

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Integrated GPS receivers in industrial machinery are used to track locations in large multiple-level indoor spaces, such as factories, distribution centers, airports and parking garages. In addition to latitude and longitude, the most advanced GPS receivers also measure elevation above or below sea level, which is typically calculated in inches. This can be most accurately determined with pressure sensors measuring changes in barometric pressure. When used in conjunction with a GPS receiver, Superior Sensor’s barometric pressure sensor is ideal to accurately determine elevation to within 6 inches. This allows the GPS-enabled system to precisely pinpoint the X, Y and Z coordinates (latitude, longitude, elevation) with minimal errors.

With an extremely low noise floor, the sensor can more accurately determine altitude compared to traditional barometric sensors. It has an integrated 50/60 Hz Notch Filter enabling the sensor to accurately provide measurement readings in areas susceptible to noise from power lines or the electrical grid. The ND015A also has an optional multi-order, advanced digital filtering feature that further cancels out noise caused by external sounds, vibrations and rapid movements.

“As factory automation and industrial IoT continue expanding, the need for precise height measurements will become critical in future infrastructures,” said Anthony Gioeli, Vice President of Marketing, Superior Sensor Technology. “Our advanced barometric pressure sensor technology is an easy, cost-effective solution for ensuring GPS receivers can accurately determine elevation location with no errors.”


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