Sunday, April 14, 2024

Awesome Gaming Experiences In Affordable Smart Phones

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MediaTek Helio G36 is a cost-effective processor that can improve the gaming and multimedia experience in an entry-level smartphone.

The chipset will enable smartphone manufacturers to provide industry-leading AI performance, vivid visuals, and rapid-sensing touchscreens at a lower cost.

MediaTek’s new Helio G36 processor will enable smartphone manufacturers to provide high-end smartphone specifications at an affordable price. The processor will satisfy the growing demand for low-cost gaming smartphones in India. It offers a better camera, enhanced battery life and greater processing speed at an affordable cost.  Furthermore, the Helio G36 will enable the integration of better image sensors which will allow for high-quality depth of field and its higher processing power will allow the manufacturers to add their own AI camera features, such as AI beautification and enhanced precision.

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The Helio G36 can run a 90Hz display and offer support for up to 50MP camera, moreover, it is built on a highly power-efficient TSMC 12nm production process which ensures that the phone remains cool for an extended period. MediaTek has designed the processor to level up the entry gaming smartphones, moreover, it offers global dual 4G connectivity with intelligent connectivity technologies which will improve the network coverage of the smartphone.

The Helio G36 chipset is equipped with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite gaming technologies like Resource Management Engine 2.0, to ensure sustained performance with dynamic management of GPU, CPU, and memory, and the Networking Engine 2.0 to enable faster response and better connectivity to allow for uninterrupted services.

The Helio G36 features an octa-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU running at 2.2GHz. It can support up to 8GB of fast LPDDR4x memory. The G36 also offers integrated Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5 support simultaneous co-existence to significantly boost throughput and connection reliability when using peripherals like headphones and gamepads.

The company claims that the Helio G36 is part of the MediaTek Helio G series that features an array of technologies that boost the mobile gaming experience with industry-leading AI performance, vivid visuals, and rapid-sensing touchscreens, among others. The Helio G36 processor can improve smartphones by making premium technology accessible to everyone.


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