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Programmable Clock With An Internal Crystal Oscillator

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The VersaClock 7 combines is a programmable clock generator that combines low power consumption and cost-efficiency in a small package size.

Renesas VersaClock Programmable Clock Generator (Source: Renesas)

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released VersaClock 7, a programmable clock with an internal crystal oscillator. It is a part of the VersaClock family of programmable clock generators that offer a combination of low power consumption, flexibility and performance. The VersaClock 7 can simplify the system design by replacing multiple discrete timing components and lower costs by reducing BOM and board space. The VersaClock 7 enable users to configure frequencies, I/O levels and GPIO Pins. The programmable comes in a compact space-saving package. These features offer greater versatility in consumer, data communications, telecommunications, and networking applications.

The configurable clock generators with an internal crystal oscillator are suitable for use in PCIe and networking applications in high-end computing, wired infrastructure and data centre equipment. The clock generator provides a lot of flexibility, thus enabling the designers to configure frequencies, Input/Output (I/O) levels, and General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pin functionality. The VersaClock 7 combines low power consumption, cost-efficiency, and small package size. High levels of integration and the flexibility of programmability help manufacturers reduce component counts, saving board space and power. Moreover, using fewer components reduces the risk of supply-chain issues interrupting production.

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“Timing needs can vary greatly between different applications and equipment, and often change during a product design cycle,” said Zaher Baidas, Vice President of the Timing Products Division at Renesas. “VersaClock 7 gives our customers the flexibility to configure multiple design parameters while offering the best value available for their particular performance requirements.”

Key Features of Renesas’ VersaClock 7 Clock Generators
• 8-, 12- differential outputs with integrated crystal options
• 150fs typical RMS 12k-20MHz phase jitter
• 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V flexible power rails
• Digital holdover and hitless switching
• SPI / I2C/ SMBUS interface support
• PCIe Gen 1-6 support
• Synchronous Ethernet support


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