Friday, April 12, 2024

Programmable LED-Driver For Automotive Applications

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Analog Devices has introduced LT8376 60V, 3A step down LED-driver which utilizes a fixed frequency and provides PWM dimming for a string of LEDs.

The LT8376 LED driver utilizes a current monitor enabling constant device observation. Therefore improving the product life cycle. It also comes with an accurate EN/UVLO pin threshold and an open-drain fault reporting for open-circuit and short-circuit load conditions, and thermal shutdown. These features make the device smart for various automation applications.

LT8376 LED Driver circuit.| Credit : Analog Devices

The device offers spread spectrum modulation. This improves the operative distance and reduces the multipath path fading. The device is a monolithic, synchronous, step-down DC/DC converter that utilizes fixed-frequency, peak current control and provides PWM dimming for a string of LEDs. The LED current is programmed by an analog voltage or the duty cycle of pulses at the CTRL pin. An output voltage limit can be set with a resistor divider to the FB pin.

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The switching frequency is programmable from 200kHz to 2MHz by an external resistor at the RT pin or by an external clock at the SYNC/SPRD pin. With the optional spread spectrum frequency modulation enabled, the frequency varies from 100% to 125% to reduce EMI. The LT8376 also includes a driver for an external, high side PMOS for PWM dimming and an internal PWM signal generator for analog control of PWM dimming when an external signal is not available.

  • ±1.5% LED Current Regulation
  • ±2% Output Voltage Regulation
  • 5000:1 PWM Dimming at 100Hz
  • 128:1 Internal PWM Dimming
  • Spread-Spectrum Frequency Modulation
  • Silent Switcher® Architecture for Low EMI
  • 3.6V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • 0V to 60V LED String Voltage
  • 3A, 60V Internal Switches
  • 200kHz to 2MHz with SYNC Function
  • 99.9% Maximum Duty Cycle
  • 20:1 Analog or Duty Cycle LED Current Control
  • Open/Short LED Protection and Fault Indication
  • Accurate LED Current Sense with Monitor Output
  • Programmable UVLO
  • Thermally Enhanced 28-Lead (4mm × 5mm) LQFN


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